Eliakim Development Projects provides services to clients involved in the field of urban planning, land development and strategic planning and our clients are both from the Government sphere as well as the private sector.

The following services are provided:

Statutory Planning 

This field of expertise includes all statutory aspects Town Planning and land development related and deals with legislation governed by various levels and divisions of Government.

Our fields of expertise includes:

  • Township Establishments;
  • Rezonins;
  • Subdivisions;
  • Consolidations;
  • Division of Land Applications;
  • Special Consent Applications;
  • Removal of Restrictive Title Conditions Applications;
  • Application to purchase or lease Council Property;
  • Temporary or permanent closure of streets;
  • Town Planning related legal opinions on land use rights and legislative processes;
  • Formalization of existing settlements;
  • Extension of Township boundaries;
  • Registration of servitudes
  • Excision of property from Agricultural Holdings Act.

These applications includes a wide variety of land uses such as business developments, residential developments, commercial and industrial developments as well as tourism developments and agricultural related developments.

Strategic Planning

This specialized and intricate planning process combines strategic thinking with continuous changing trends in land uses, management and administration.  Strategic Planning focus on future planning and formulation of guidelines where and how future development must look like.

The following services can be provided:

  • Integrated Development Plans (IDP);
  • Spatial Development Framework Plan (SDF);
  • Strategic Development Framework Plans;
  • Land Use Management Schemes (LUMS), and
  • Structure and policy plans / Sectoral plan.


Effective public participation during the planning of a project is a critical pre-requisite to achieve legitimacy and transparency for any development. The planner is usually required to act as a facilitator to ensure that processes are completed in a certain time frame and in terms of the current required procedures.

After approval has been obtained, various conditions must be complied with.  Eliakim Development Projects is also involved in obtaining these clearance certificates, ensuring clients get “after approval” services and that the whole process is finalised.

Facilitation also takes place between the Town Planner, the developer and the rest of the professional team involved in each project.

Project Management

Effective project management forms a fundamental aspect ensuring result-orientated services and products. From time to time the Town Planner will resume the position of project manager due to the requirements of the projects and the detailed communication process between the professionals involved.

Electronic Mapping and Draughting

Accurate mapping is offered in conjunction with and in support of the planning services.

Eliakim Development Projects is responsible for the design and drafting of township layouts, subdivision and consolidation plans, structural plans, etc.

Site Acquisition of Cellular Masts

The founder of Eliakim Development Projects was also involved in application procedures and processes for the construction of cellular masts for Cell C / Siemens (Pty) Ltd.  The areas that included in these applications were Gauteng, Free State, North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province.  These evaluations and applications included:

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA’s);
  • Lease agreements and negotiations with land owners;
  • Town Planning requirements and approvals;
  • Site requisition Reports;
  • Architectural site plans and designs and approvals;
  • Public Participations processes required for approvals;
  • Approvals from Civil Aviation Authority, and
  • Approvals requirements from the South African Heritage Resource Agency.